I'm Angela, and I will be the voice of your brand.

Let Me Help You Build Your Brand Personality and Consumer Trust by Managing and Moderating Your Online Communities as Your Community Manager with Over 7 Years of Experience

Community Matters in Business.

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity starts with an engaging brand voice. Working with the marketing team, I will ensure that your brand voice is consistent on all social platforms


An engaged community is more likely to share content, give good reviews, and recommend your brand, increasing brand awareness


I will help encourage the community to share and engage, fostering relationships that will further brand growth

Strategy Plan:

Content Creation

Creating compelling content relevant to your brand, including memes, videos, and other relevant material.


Establishing or maintaining your community, including moderation, and customer service and support.

Community Building

Keeping your community engaged and active, while building relationships with them and encouraging participation.

With my experience in crisis counseling and customer service, I understand how important active listening skills are in helping to build a successful and engaging community. I will ensure that your community feels heard and understood while I address any issues that come up.


With over 7 years of community management experience, I've had the opportunity to work with talented teams, and diverse, inclusive communities full of wonderful people. Below are some of the projects or communities I've helped build and contribute to.

You can view my portfolio by clicking on the menu, or

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About Me

Video games have been an essential part of my life as far back as I can remember. I started with Bubble Bobble on NES before I could even read, and I have played numerous games on PC and multiple consoles.

Later on, I discovered the independent game development scene and was moved by the passion and dedication of the developers. I also noticed that most of these studios had great games, but lacked exposure, community, and support. I decided to focus on community management to build and sustain communities around developers and gamers by providing them a platform to support each other and construct new relationships.

Working for the Seattle Indies from 2016 to 2022, I created and managed their Discord server, helped build a thriving community of thousands of game developers, and served as a board member.


For inquiries and/or résumé, please email Angela@angelasvoices.com

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